Project success factors

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About PLM

Implementation of complex IT solutions and change of work methods is often related to resistance of change among those not involved in the implementation project. A key to success is to involve end users and other key stakeholders as early as possible and turn the resistance energy into something positive. PLM solutions can be complex and you need to build up the knowledge about the solution broadly within the organization as your Project move forward. Communication and information is maybe the most important success factor for PLM projects.



PLM - Product Lifecycle Management is a technology and a Business Approach used to manage the complete lifecycle of product related data. From the first sketch to retirement of the product itself. It all started within the engineering and manufacturing industry, but today we can see the technology being used in many other industries. Retail is one industry where the PLM technology has proven to be successful. Key elements of a PLM solution is global access to authentic information whenever needed and product portfolio management including configuration and variant control options. Automotive industry has always been in the front end regarding new PLM features.